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Wealth management

Coblence avocats has developed advisory and litigation know-how for its clientele of entrepreneurs and executives in the areas of wealth structuring, allocation and transfer.

Coblence avocats works in synergy with a proven network of partners (notaries, bailiffs, etc.).

Key areas

Wealth structuring 

  • Impact of the choice of matrimonial property regime and modifications based on changes in the family and professional situation 
  • Creation of appropriate structures (SC, SEP, SNC, family SARL)
  • Creation of foundations, endowment funds and sponsorship structures 
  • Implementation of property division 
  • Advice on the use of trusts 
  • The impact of the legal regime applicable to family agreements (residential leases, loans, guarantees, collaborating spouse rights, etc.) and on assets (stock options, life insurance, partnership shares or stock, current accounts, severance pay, family housing) and liabilities (consumer loans, mortgages, joint ownership charges) belonging to or incumbent on common law partners or spouses depending on the matrimonial property regime in place 

Division of assets 

  • Assistance with the liquidation of the matrimonial property regime and the division of property as part of a divorce procedure 
  • Advice on the use of co-ownership agreements 

Wealth transfer 

  • Protection of the surviving spouse and heirs 
  • Management of amicable and litigious successions