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Competition, consumer & distribution

Coblence avocats advises its clients on their relationships with the various economic players in their markets – clients, suppliers, commercial partners and consumers – in industry, online and off-line commerce, finance and services and in both B-to-B and B-to-C.

Coblence avocats works on issues related to marketing, CRM and to the overall framework of distribution policies. The department manages all related litigation and pre-litigation related to these different areas before the civil, commercial and criminal courts. It handles extra-judicial mediation, arbitration and settlements.

Key areas


  • Validation of advertising campaigns with respect to general and / or regulatory legal provisions (e.g. those related to special sales, displaying prices and the use of French) as well as industry provisions (consumer credit, alcohol, automobiles, travel, etc.)
  • Validation of promotional events (lotteries, competitions, free gifts with purchases, etc.)
  • Consumer relations support (sales promotion, labelling, prevention of deceptive or aggressive business practices)
  • Compliance of CRM relationships with Data legislation


  • Guidance on writing and negotiating sales contracts: products sales, services, subcontracting, partnerships, CTP and GTCP, single grant agreements, supply / affiliation
  • Advice on writing and negotiating contracts for the distribution method selected
  • Traditional distribution, agencies, franchising, mail-order sales, e-commerce, etc. in France and internationally


  • Prelitigation and litigation in the areas of non-compete clause,  non-reaffiliation, unfair trading, etc…
  • Prelitigation and litigation in the area of restrictive practices (resale “at a loss”, fixed prices, sudden break of established business relationships, etc.)
  • Assistance during competition enquiry